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One word sums up APC....Awesome!

I have been a below-the-knee amputee for 20 years. When I lived in Houston, TX, the Prosthetic Center I went to made my prosthetic leg with a locking pin system. It did not work. I was told there was not enough muscle pulled around the bone that was cut off to make the leg work without pain. I was provided a suspension liner and leg that was not very secure. I resisted wearing the over-the-leg cloth sleeve because of the heat and humidity in Houston.

I moved to Marble Falls, Texas and needed a new leg. I was referred to Austin Prosthetic Center in Austin, Texas. My practitioner, Matthew Harris wanted to put me in a leg with the locking pin liner. I told him it was tried in Houston with no success. Mr. Harris though, was sure he could make the locking pin system work using a custom liner. Wow, was he right!! It turned out to be the best fitting leg I have ever had. They even laminated it with material of roses for free.

One word sums up Austin Prosthetic Center... awesome!

- Anonymous

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