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Loving the Family Life

I was referred to Austin Prosthetic Center by my surgeon and it has been a blessing. From the very first visit, I have been treated like family and as if I am their only patient. I am positive I am getting the very best care available. Everywhere I go – from physical therapy to support group meetings – people are impressed with the care I’ve been given at APC, the support and instruction as well as the innovative configuration and workmanship of my prosthesis.

Matt has been absolutely wonderful to work with; he is responsible for restoring my life to as close to normal as it will get. His focus has always been way beyond my prosthesis – he is genuinely interested in my well-being, my safety and comfort. Matt took the time to research my insurance policy’s requirements so that I was able to get the best equipment available to me. Matt always explains how things work, why they work the way they do and how to make them work better; I never feel rushed or hurried during visits with him. He is a true professional.

Russell is truly an experienced craftsman and perfectionist. There is no “close enough” with him and he will make it 100% right every time. He takes great pride in his work, both creating it and seeing in action; I can always count on seeing him stick his head out of the doorway when I’m there walking up and down the hall.

Lydia is a true asset to APC! She was there for me from the beginning with hospital visits right after my amputation through present day. She has been a tremendous source of information, advice, suggestions, encouragement and comfort both to me and my family. I know I would not have made the progress I have without her support.


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