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Back to the rock gym!

I was an RN working at a cardiac unit before my amputation. When I came out of the hospital I was so weak and emaciated that I couldn't take care of myself. I really wanted to get back to being independent and go back to work. I love being a nurse, it's what I planned on doing with my whole life. APC really listened when I said I may be weak and not in great shape now, but I want to be. I really wanted the RUSH foot and kept being told no by the prosthetic company I was with before. When I told Matt he talked to my physician and made sure I ended up getting it. I got my vacuum prosthesis with my RUSH foot and it's been great! I'm getting back to the rock gym so I can start climbing again and plan to get back to work as a nurse. I've been waiting to do that for the last year and a half. Now that I have my new system and everything is really comfortable, I feel like I can finally do it.

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