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Our Prosthetic Devices

Austin Prosthetic Center is dedicated to getting you the quality devices you deserve so you can get back to living your life.

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Below Knee Prosthetics

A below knee prosthesis consists of a foot, pylon and socket that is cutom made for each patient.  A mold of the residual limb is taken with a plaster cast which is then fabricated into a carbon fiber socket. This hands on process ensures that the patient receives the best possible fit. 

Above Knee Prosthetics

An above knee prosthesis consists of a foot, pylon, socket and knee. The knee & foot used for making an above knee prosthesis varies from person to person based on their functional mobility. As a patient progresses with their mobility, adjustments can be made to keep them progressing towards their goals.

Upper Extremity Prosthetics

Our Prosthetist can fit patients with upper extremity prosthetics ranging from a body powered prosthesis to myoelectric prosthesis.  There is also the option for a cosmetic restorative device.  This is a non-functional device which is aesthetically pleasing and provides the wearer the image of a limb. Come visit our prosthetic clinic to discuss options.

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