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Austin Prosthetic Center is a privately held company that has been serving Central Texas since 2014.

To provide a custom fit, we fabricate all prostheses in-house in our own laboratory. Conveniently located at the Ten-0-Five Business Park,  Austin Prosthetic Center is easily reached from all areas of Austin. We strive to be a holistic facilitator of recovery for those who suffer limb loss. While we are primarily focused on the restoration of limb function, we believe that restoration and recovery must account for all the health and lifestyle factors that are unique to each individual.


Such an approach enables our practice to build meaningful and lasting partnerships with our patients, their support networks, and the various specialists who are responsible for achieving patient outcomes.


Maximizing your quality of life is our top priority.  We employ state of the art technology and the most recent innovations to guarantee you receive the best outcome possible.  Austin Prosthetic Center is privately owned and operated prosthetic clinic which gives us the freedom to customize your care to your needs.

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